Welcome back to Part 3 of this mini-blog. “What next?” should really be titled “Why the hell do people look at this thing every day, many times a day?

Beyond wanting know what your friends snapped about, Snapchat itself changes constantly. Some filters for your photo/video are constant. You can always make your photo have a different hue or go grayscale. You can always make your video speed up or slow down. But seemingly daily, new things appear on Snapchat.

The most popular are animated selfies. When you turn the view of the smartphone’s camera for the usual selfie, hold your finger to where your face is on the screen. Keep holding until a white net appears mapping your face and multiple icons will appear on the bottom of the screen. Go through these while you keep your head in frame. If the animation requires you to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows, it will tell you. The animations can be silly like animal faces with moving tongues and noses to downright creepy and demonic, both of which are fun to snap. See more on how to create an animated selfie at this video.

These can also be used by marketers. For example, this week has an animated selfie that turns the snapper into a dark and dangerous Batman for the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie, complete with the upcoming movie’s title on screen. Share that snap and you’re furthering the advertising effort to the proper demographic.


Another great way for marketers to sneak their way into a Snap is through a Geofilter. These special overlays help the visual story by giving it a where or a when. When I am on campus at Arkansas State University, I have filter choices that are different from when I am in the close by city of Memphis, Tennessee. (Note: the A-State one also has a filter on it and text added.) Uploading an available filter to Snapchat is ridiculously easy and cheap, so marketers should jump on this before it becomes expected and overused. When uploading, one can use the Geofilter to capture the lawn of a restaurant to the region of a state.


The cool thing is that this is the history as of today, March 17, 2016. Snapchat is barely 3 years old and is a powerhouse of possibilities. Part of its ingredients is its constantly evolving nature, so who knows when all of this will change. Probably as quickly as the hormones of a teenager or the financial stability of a 20-year-old.

See the next and final blog post coming soon:

SnapWHAT PART 4: Anything else?

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