Dear Snapchat,
I might actually grow to love you because you are so low-maintenance and you don’t even care what I did yesterday. Plus, I always wanted to see what my face looked like as a rabid bunny with fangs.
XOXO ProfNikki

With that ghosty love letter, you can tell I don’t have a handle yet on the power of this social network. It’s still all about me instead of checking in with all of my 5 – instead of 100 – friends. While I’m waiting for that to grow like a 1990 SimCity-scape, there are a couple other pieces of the Snapchat puzzle worth investigating.

First there’s Snapcash, which sounds like a big scary pot of bad ideas. However, you can indeed send money via Snapchat as of late 2014.


A more exciting witness to the changing nature of publications is under Snapchat’s Discover. Look into this and see how and why each of these group’s spread news and/or gossip to its users. Whenever you’re on Snapchat, you will see these icons every time. Almost all of the random-ness attached to each of these icons will have multiple single images or videos that may or may not link to a story. As an observer who understands the underbelly of the publication world, I see these groups participating and forming this new world. It’s worth a look just to witness the evolution. It certainly won’t take up much of your time, as that would go against everything that Snapchat is about.


Also under Live, Snapchat will grab snaps from around the world and weave its own story about places or events. Today, there is a stream from SXSW called “Artists on the Rise” and “India vs. Pakistan” World T20 of Cricket sports rivalry, neither of which were present yesterday. There is also still one up about “Rome, Italy” featuring snaps from both travelers and natives.


As this blog wraps up, I suggest you watch this video. She does a great job explaining Snapchat for both personal and professional use.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.38.03 PM


I hope this little mini-blog introduction helped to explain a bit more so that you too can join the chat. The next financial force has grown up with the ghost, so why would they leave it? Remember when Facebook seemed a fleeting trend for the young crowd?

Take heed, marketers. The future is coming. And they use Snapchat.

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